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Financial Planning

Risk is not a statistic

It is the impact of what happens to the ability to generate cash flow when you need it. Traditional wealth management theory created standard deviation and beta to measure risk.

These terms are not relatable and not effective in communicating what you want to know, "is this money going to be there when I need or want it?".

As your Family CFO it is our job to help you understand your wealth through management of your balance sheet to create stability and allow you to pursue your ambitions.

Ceres is a balance sheet advisory firm

A statement of assets, liabilities, and the capital of a business or individual at a particular point in time is known as a balance sheet.

Through the Wealth Allocation Framework, we categorize your balance sheet items into safe, market-based, and aspirational, helping you understand the role they play and providing clarity as how they should be managed moving forward.

With the U.S. government running record deficits and growing public debt, uncertainty for wealthy taxpayers is high.

While we enjoy record low tax rates today, without proper planning you run the risk the impact of increasing taxes, and dependence on tax deferred retirement plans, will change the math for when you want to stop working. Through our detailed analysis, we provide guidance on where to access and allocate capital to maximize current and future tax efficiency.

The framework is the foundation of our relationship. Combined with investment management and asset location strategies creating tax efficiency, we establish a plan to answer the necessary questions to curate the life you desire.

See the Wealth Allocation Framework

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