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Our Process

At Ceres Wealth we employ a three-part process to create the right investment plan for your life.

Phase 1 - Client Engagement

You are the most knowledgeable person in the room when it comes to you and your family. Our discovery of the client is a discovery for the client. The more we know about you, what drives you, and your investment experience, the better we can position you for financial success. 

After we understand your inspiration and goals for your wealth, we look at your assets and liabilities, in addition to your sources of income. In order to be effective as your Family CFO we need to understand every aspect of your financial life.  A successful discovery is when we all walk away from the meeting feeling like we know you, the client, and we have everything to build and execute the plan for your best life possible.

Phase 2 - Planning & Implementation 

Once we understand you and your needs, we create a plan to achieve your goals. We run specific investment models that are buffered for risk. Each client portfolio may be custom or fit within a strategic asset management model, depending on what the plan calls for. Wherever possible, we look to maintain simplicity and minimalism. Streamlined and intentional portfolios are often better poised for financial success.

Phase 3 - Client Communication

Over the course of our relationship we meet regularly to discuss any life changes, and explain what moves we’ve made in your portfolio. We have continual discussions about how current events create risk, the expectations for your investments, and how this impacts your plan. In addition, we review your balance sheet outside your portfolio to identify areas of weakness where we can create a positive impact in moving you and your family closer to your goals. We believe that hearing our clients and educating them are the backbone of a successful relationship.


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