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Risk Management

Life Insurance

Life insurance provides value to those who survive us, but it can be equally impactful during our lifetime. In what can be a complex solution to unique problems, Ceres views life insurance as an asset class in and of itself.

While popular beliefs such as “buy term and invest the difference,” are valid for certain situations, life insurance is far from that simple. It can be leveraged to solve many issues you may face from protection against the untimely loss of life, managing the tax liability in leaving wealth to your loved ones, even protecting against market risk in your investment portfolio.

In understanding your needs and desires, we will determine how life insurance can augment your financial situation while moving you closer to a worry-free life.

Long Term Care Insurance

In 2015 there were 47.8 million Americans over age 65. In 2050 there is projected to be 87.9 million and 18.9 million over age 85. With medical advancements and greater awareness around health and nutrition, we are living longer. At face value this is exciting as we map out our plan to living the life we envision, but it does bring additional risks.

It is estimated that 47% of men older than 65 will need long-term care during their lifetime, and 58% of women, with the average duration ranging from 1.5-2.5 years. In the case of Alzheimer’s or dementia, that time frame increases significantly.

With staggering premium increases throughout the years, long term care insurance has earned a poor reputation. This issue has resulted in innovation in attacking an issue that will impact many of us. Ceres understands the many ways we can protect you against this risk in the context of your financial situation and the type of care you desire.

Retirement Income Protection

Our culture has transitioned from one of dependence to ownership. Gone are the days of working for 30 years and walking away with your gold watch and pension. With this change and the adoption of 401k plans, you have been tasked with becoming your personal pension fund manager.

There are tools available to transfer this risk from you to a financial institution, insuring you against outliving your money in retirement. Ceres strives to have your basic needs met from stable sources of income with your discretionary spending derived from risk-based assets. This positions you to be successful in living out your vision for retirement in any market condition.

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