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Wealth Allocation Framework

01 ASSURANCE  - Safe

Provides assurance that families and individuals will be ale to meet essential cash needs regardless of market perfromance.

Defense against financial devastating events such as job loss, health issues,  or possibly lawsuits.

Includes: cash, government bonds, annuities, hedging, human capital, insurance, residence, personal liabilities, and debt,.

02 INFLATION RISK - Market Based

Provides protection against the rising cost of living through financial market exposure.

Taking on market risk through the ownership of a traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds is a necessary for a high probability of maintaining your standard of living.

Includes: diversified conventional equity and fixed income securities, alternative investments, i.e. fund of hedge funds, commodity funds, and real estate funds.

03 WEALTH CREATION - Aspirational

Provides Opportunity to achieve upward mobility and meet aspirational life and legacy goals through wealth creation.

Includes: business ventures, concentrated and/or leveraged positions, venture capital and early stage "angel investments," and leveraged real estate.

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